Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watermelon cools you off on a hot sticky summer night...

There is nothing better than making a hot day even hotter. What good is summer without a little roll in the hay…literally?

Summer isn’t over yet, and there is still time to make up for the lack of sex you have had. Don’t make me name names, but if you are doing nothing but giving a hand job in a tent this summer, you either need to be slipped an Ambien, or wake the fuck up! Summer is for sex, sex, and more sex. Why do you think over half of marriages and relationships end before summer? People want to play and not be locked into a goddamn commitment.

Living in Portland there are so many options for getting good and fucked in the open air. Here is my suggested list of hot dates that could lead to good oral stimulation in the grass.

Taste what I have in my mouth!
A little wine tasting or beer tasting is always a fun way to get outside, get drunk, and get a little action in the valley. Hiding in the vines is sexy and you can put grapes in places you never have before.

If the monkeys can do it, why can’t I?

Nothing says sex like the Zoo. What would a date be without than watching animals jerk off and wipe their cum on leaves? Go find an area outside of the lion den to get busy, and make sure to go later when mom jeans and the fucking kid factory has left.

I know I am Goth, but what are you?
There is nothing more sick and twisted than getting the shocker in a dingy quiet cemetery as you lean over grandpa Big Johnson’s grave stone. I’ve got stories Stephen King would masturbate to.

Skinny-dipping isn’t just for country kids!
Take a moment and hit the Sandy River. There are plenty of areas around the beaches where you can strip it off and be one with nature. I say you haven’t been fucked hard until it has been in the middle of the rapids on a hot rock!

It is time to be a tree hugger.
Those fucking hippies don’t have to be the only ones fucking a tree. While camping, hiking, or even in your front yard, take a moment to wrap your arms or your legs around a tree while getting your taint licked. That is what I call organic!

Doggy style with a view.

Who doesn’t love a good view, especially when you are being railed from behind. Take a moment to check out Pittock Mansion. If you are with the right girl you might even get a tour of the inside of the Buttock, I mean, the Pittock.

Finally having God present when you scream his name.
Nothing is more fucked up than a little public sex at the peaceful oasis in the midst of the city, the Grotto. You know that place you went for your Baccalaureate? Take a time to revisit and prove what a good person you have become.

Take my fucking advice already! Not only should Portlanders be taking advantage of the great weather right now, but they should be also taking advantage of a little 69 while picnicking. I am serious. I would like to walk through the Rose Gardens and come around a bush and find someone picnicking on a bush. I want it to be you…perhaps with watermelon dripping down your crack.

Your summer needs to be fun, dumb and full of cum. Even if you aren’t on the flesh market make your partner(s) dine at your deli in the bathroom of your local deli! Or do it in the butte…Rocky Butte. should always be publicly intoxicated in addition to being publicly indecent.

Bring a bottle or two and make it memorable!