Friday, March 18, 2011

It isn't stranger danger if you are asking for it.

Nothing helps you get over a dumb cunt or a fucking dickhead more than getting on top of somebody else. I don’t mean fucking your goddamn exes or getting yourself back into more drama than you already have…I am talking some good old fashion STRANGE. One, two, or multiple STRANGE opportunities can really build the ego and get you right back on track after a break up.

There is something about fucking somebody in the bathroom of a bar…or getting your hair pulled by somebody you just met minutes ago that really makes a person feel special. Waking up next to somebody you just met at your neighborhood bar and staring at them wondering what their name is can be such a delightful feeling. Who doesn’t love calling their friends up the next morning and talking about the random sex they scored…I know I do!

Some people may say therapy works, or a “how Stella got her groove back” vacation to clear your mind will help. FUCK THAT SHIT. I say fuck a different person every night…hell…fuck multiple people every night. I swear…after a few weeks…you will be drama free. Books on tape and draining your friends with conversations are a waste of time. Sunshine and margaritas…although fucking awesome…is just a temporary distraction.

Strange is like going to a new restaurant or trying a new beer. If you like it…you can get it again. If you don’t, then you can just try something else on for size.

Here are a few tips on how to handle some strange:

Strange does NOT mean your exes, your friends exes, people you know have a boyfriend or girlfriend, married folks, and surly not your boss. Trust me…this shit gets fucking messy and makes you feel worse.

The less questions the better. Don’t fucking worry about what somebody does for a living, or if they have kids, past relationships, and what their fucking last name is. Shut your fucking trap and get a good pounding already.

Stop playing fucking games. No flirting…just say it like it is. I want to fuck you…and I want to fuck you right now. The stupid bitches or dumb fucking dudes that don’t appreciate that…are usually the worst in bed anyway. Skip a cold fish…it isn’t healthy for anybody.

Drugs and Alcohol always make some strange way more fun. A few lines or shots off body parts really spice things up.

Only give them your number if the sex blew your mind and they are aware you only want a bootie call down the road…nobody needs somebody with hearts shooting out of their eyes.

Use nicknames instead of real names. Each new strange needs a nickname like: The Sunglass Guy, Beer Guy, Marilyn look-a-like, rapper wannabe...catch my drift? It makes telling your stories so much more delightful…and nicknames are easier to remember.

Last but very not least…in the words of my man Kid Rock…“I don't wanna be your friend...I wanna fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again”…because hopefully you won’t.

Tonight…I am on the hunt. Watch out Portland…I need some serious strange.