Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day very first blog.

Like a million people before me...this is my first blog post. Bare with me as I struggle to join in on this orgy of fingers strokes. I was inspired by a client and some friends today to begin to write my knowledge of being a man in a woman's body. I know this sounds stupid...and yes I am straight...but I have the ability to see things from a man's eyes. It all starts with a quick background of my family history. I grew up with a single Dad....and lets just say he was pretty much a pimp in his day. That stemmed from my Grandfather...who was also a single dad...and always made sure his Grandchildren read every playboy was to inspire us to be or love beautiful grooming women...but inspired me to read the articles as well as look at bush.

So that brings me to my new blogging adventure...I want to blog and help others learn how to date or get a date.

Being a woman...I will not favor one sex or the other...I believe I understand women just as much as men.

My inspiration for today was at lunch. A lovely and overly outgoing friend of mine...shocking we are friends...was discussing a new date she went on. This was the first date...and she was already talking about him every other sentence. My other friends and I began to tease her. It was obvious she was excited about this "good-lookin' fella" as she so describes him...but to raised a red flag. is okay to discuss your new dates and how exciting they can be. Just be careful it is only to your friends and you still maintain your poker face when on dates. This is my new term...put your date face on. Always appear SEMI interested and make them curious as to how much you enjoy their company. Most men like challenge...but a little flirting to keep them around for a second date and to pay the bill doesn't hurt. If you are from Portland...good luck getting the bastard to pay the bill.

I told my friend that she needed to stop talking about him...and immediately find another guy to go out with to "Take the edge off" one of my most famous quotes. I believe...with much research "under" my belt...that taking the edge off is like playing hard to get...and you don't even know you are doing it. Staying distracted keeps your from focusing on just one crush...which a lot of people tend to do. Just because you have a crush...doesn't mean they are good for you.

Like I said...this is my very first blog...please give me more time before you yank my chain.

Ladies and Gents...I promise to bring my wisdom...passed on from my Grandfather...and maybe my Great Grandfather.


No go have whiskey and cigar.

(whiskey makes a man out of matter what sex you are)


Jennifer Melody said...

You are amazing. I intend to actually read your blog cause I plan to learn from you ;) I'm drinking wine..does that make me even more of a vagina?

Shellie said...

Finally, another chick who likes whiskey and cigars. Did you grow up in Idaho? hahaha
Great job! I'll stay tuned for more.