Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Relationship.

If all your friends think your boyfriend is a fucking douche bag...chances are, he's a fucking douche bag.

Have you had a friend, or maybe you’ve reached a state of emotional maturity where you can look back on your own life, and say, "I was living in fucking La La Land"? Well, I have personally been there, and I currently witness it daily. Why do women dream up that their douche bag BF is perfect for them?

Are you so worried about being alone that your "single goggles” turn the tool in the BMW and Ed Hardy shirt into Mr. Right? Then your girlfriends are like, “That guy’s a piece of shit,” and you spend the rest of your relationship being obsessed with making your friends like your lame boyfriend? your eyes!

UGH! There’s nothing more annoying than when your obsessing friend brings her douche bag around, especially when IT wasn't invited! I mean it takes time to prep yourself to be forced to sit next to this guy, and then the whole time your friend has hearts shooting out of her eyes. GAG ME!

Sometimes the smartest, wisest chick you know ends up in this challenging position.

Why do women feel the need to be treated like shit?

I divide these kinds of females into two types of bitches: The Desperate and The Social Hierarchy. Now not all women are in these categories, but any woman can fall in at anytime during her life. If you are in…you CAN get out. But in order to get out you must be able to recognize the symptoms. Let’s dissect the first specimen.

The Desperate:

This woman believes that there really is "the one." She believes that someday a man on a fucking white stallion will swoop into town and grab her up in his arms and make her the hap-hap-happiest girl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD(…of fucking Disney). This chick dreams about a big fucking wedding, the white picket fence, turkey and babies in the oven. She thinks that having these things really means you made it in life.

She also has the WORST time breaking up with somebody because she second guesses herself. "Maybe he was supposed to be the one and I fucked it up?"

Sister, if he was the fucking one, he wouldn't have cheated on you, or mentally or physically abused you in public! (Or in private without the use of a safe word.)

Give me a fucking break!

This is the friend that always lingers on these break-ups like a fucking World War. You know, the chick you are telling the same fucking advice over and over again, and she doesn't listen to you! She continues to get sucked in to the same lame bullshit. What she doesn't understand is: He likes having this control over you...breaking up and then winning you back. is great for his ego! HE WILL NEVER EVER EVER change, no matter how much therapy he gets!

This is the friend that truly is wonderful and beautiful on the inside and out. This chick is one of those friends that just loves everybody more than herself. She is so great and innocent, that this douche bag was able to suck her into his drama. Worse, she feels like she needs to make HIM she does for everybody else.

What makes her desperate? She is so obsessed with making this fucker happy and the lame relationship work, that she will not only put herself through hell, but drag everybody around her into hell as well. She really has become dumb as fuck. As much as you love her, and as smart as she really is...she is now dumb as fuck. On top of that, her douchy boyfriend has to hang around, and it is so annoying!

Word of advice to the friends of the Desperate: She won't listen to you. She will ask you for advice over and over again, which you will give her, but she won't listen. Keep giving her the same advice in the same form. Consistency matters. Be frank and honest with her. Eventually she will stop asking you for advice. WHY? Because she doesn't want to hear your honesty...and that is when the Desperate should realize she is fucked. At that point, send her the link to this blog.

If you get to a point that you are breaking your neck to make your friends like your dick-fucker man, or you have stop asking for honest advice from the people you love and are now a Desperate.

The Social Hierarchy:

Whore, Gold-digger, Snob, Freak, Jock, Drunk, Nerd...there are many different names for this chick. She can have many personalities and they are all different. The one thing that makes women The Social Hierarchy is they only date within their circle of social acceptance. This is in order to save face and maintain, or build, their perceived social value.

This could be a chick who is a dark metal head who swears that Slayer is the best band in the world and would beat the shit out of any dude wearing skinny jeans. Or this could be a chick that spray tans once a week, wears more jewelry than your Grandma, spends way beyond her means, and drives that Lexus she cannot afford. Regardless, the way this woman appears is the most important thing to her. She really doesn't know who she is anymore or what really makes her happy.

Again...this happens to the greatest women we know.

The Social Hierarchy is more concerned with what people think of her dating life, than her actual relationships. It doesn't matter how big a fucking DICK a dude is...or that he fucking flirts with other bitches right in front of her face, he fits her social mold! It often starts out innocent, because obviously this gal will be initially attracted to the type she normally dates, but what makes it fucked up is when she stays with him when she shouldn’t. The Social Hierarchy chick is so concerned about building her social profile she uses her dating life as leverage and proof of her value in her social circle. This woman will continue to stay in shitty relationships and date the same fucking assholes because it makes her look good to the people in her social circle.

JUST BECAUSE he drives a nice car, has a nice house, and wears fucking Armani, doesn't mean he knows how to eat pussy! More likely his entitled chauvinist attitude will go to work right away on the task of breaking you down emotionally!

JUST BECAUSE he likes the same music, can mosh with the best of them, and plays a fucking guitar, DOESN'T mean he isn't going to cry during sex and then fuck your best friend!

JUST BECAUSE he likes Avatar, knows how to imitate Captian Kirk, and thinks DDR is exercise...doesn't mean he has a BIG COCK and will treat you like a lady!

If you know a “The Desperate” or “The Social Hierarchy” that is in a bad situation, the only advice I can give you is what I do myself...Listen. Consistently give them the same advice, be literal, and remind them to be realistic! There is no magic solution here. These women need to learn the hard way, like all of us have. Only the lucky ones learn from their mistakes or begin to take advice from the people they love.

My advice to "The Desperate" and "The Social Hierarchy": Listen to what your friends and loved ones say and always put yourself in their shoes. Would you want your sister, or best friend being treated the way you are being treated? Also, just because your friends and family are being honest with you about their worries, don't shut them out of your life and begin spending your life only with him! That alone is the single most terrible thing you could do to yourself. AND ANOTHER THING....STOP inviting that fucking asshole out for ladies night. It is called LADIES NIGHT for a reason! Fuck girl!

And if he does show up, ladies be careful and don't drink too much. You may just end up hitting or publicly insulting him. Whoopsie! That's not the best way to handle it...TRUST ME!

GOD did fucking Dr. Phil write this? SHIT! I need a the shot of Whiskey! Go find your own.

And would you take the edge off already! Your chastity is really bothering me.

Thanks again to L.S. and C.M. for helping me with my terrible grammar.