Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I’m a young powered me explode.

Just because he still can’t grow a full beard and his balls haven’t dropped, doesn’t mean fucking a younger man isn’t a good idea. As a Cub in Cougar training, I am super pissed to find out what I have been missing since my early 20s. In college I dated older men, the older and bigger...the better! If you had a motorcycle, big truck, your own bank account, and a ton of dumb cunts under your were my dream man.

Times have changed and I look back in disgust of myself. Not only did those older men on motorcycles turn into major fucking pricks...they also started to be a little um, inconsistent if you know what I mean. Really? You can’t get it up again?

Good thing I was fucking somebody else on the side...and he’s 23.

First off...Nobody says you have to be in a relationship with these young pups...I think giving them a few scratches down their back is just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few tips from Ramblin’ on making a young stud REALLY work it for you.

Please fuck me now, I don’t care that we are standing in front of your work.
Without giving you all my dirty details, I will tell you younger men can be a bit more daring. In the past to get my older cocks to bend me over in a bathroom was like pulling fucking teeth. A younger man has a little bit more to prove and doesn’t say no or bitch out...EVER!

Drama and Baggage. 
The more I fuck and date older guys the more drama and baggage they have. Not to say the same isn’t true with older women...but why not let some hot sweaty 23-year-old guy spank your sweaty ass in a house party and wipe his young cum all over your ass? At least you know his wife isn’t waiting outside or he needs to be running home to relieve his fucking babysitter. You got all night girl...and trust me, he will definitely last.

Make it work for you!
There are a lot of older men that think they know everything about fucking a woman. As we all know...all vaginas and women are very different...even I have experienced that! The good thing about a man who may not be as experienced is you are setting him up for success! Not only do you get to show him how you like it without him having a fucking ego problem, but you are setting him up for future ladies. Very much appreciated.

Sex Sex and More Sex!
I know plenty of older men that love sex, but typically older more established men have a lot more going on in their lives. Younger dudes are still in college, still trying to make a name for themselves, and can’t get enough pussy. These fucking guys not only last forever...but they will drop whatever they have going matter what it is to come find you and fist you. Tasty. Be in control of the Booty Call... Don’t let your young hunk think that he has any control. With younger guys can come a little too much make sure you set up who’s boss early on. Younger men need a little structure when it comes to reliable make them chase you, don’t let this dumb fuck try to run the show.

Do not date them!
If you are looking for love or to be in a relationship...first...Barf...second...don’t go after the younger men. Nothing EVER comes good from being in a relationship with somebody not only younger than you, but at a maturity level of your dog. Trust matter HOW MANY TIMES they say they are an “old soul” they fucking aren’t. Just keep them for sex. Don’t be a dumb bitch.

Do NOT hang out with him!
When you start going to the places he likes to go bring yourself into a situation with younger girls, his friends, and a serious amount of annoyance. Trust me...keep it simple. My house...the woods, or in my car. No...I do not want to drink with you at that stupid fucking college bar. Blow me.

Whether you are a cougar, cub, or a puma...get your single slut fucking ass out there and make some bad decisions with some young buck. Trust will wake up with a smile on your face, some bruises, and a little less dignity...but it is ALL WORTH IT. Keep those older guys for when you are ready to settle down, unless they have a lot of money and a big cock of course.

Now it is time for a night cap to see that young bartender.