Friday, April 9, 2010

“Honey!…I’m going down to the club for a few swings…”

Maybe Tiger could have saved everything if he would have told his wife what he ACTUALLY meant when he said that.

Yes, you can separate sex from love.

Tiger and Jesse James should take some advice from Mo’Nique. That’s right…she isn’t as precious as one might think. With her open marriage, Mo’Nique claims that being honest means letting her husband fuck whatever skinny bitches he wants and she can go on having hairy man legs. Which leads us to the topic of this week:

Can having an open relationship or marriage be the way to go?

You would be surprised how many people think so. Straight, gay, or bi…curiosity about open relationships can stay at jerking off to the girl at work or move to sitting on your barista’s face. Similar to ones genitals, I think each person is built in their own special fucked up way. Just like your clit is oversized or your parents decided not to circumsize you, one could also grow up to think that bringing home a third wheel is a good idea to spice things up. Sort of like a real life plastic fuck doll with…

“Sucking action and life like moans!!!”

My policy…Stop fucking judging, you bitch!

You think you know what a perfect relationship is all about? Go fuck yourself and then go fuck someone else. Maybe if you stopped playing “keep up with the Jones’” for one minute you’d realize that Mr. Jones is actually fucking his trainer…who is a man. Life isn’t all about driving a Lexus and blow jobs on his birthday, it is about mutual respect for your partner and finding out what makes shit work – whatever that means for two people, or three for that matter.

Like a monogamous relationship, open relationships have just as many rules. Just because you get to lick a stewardess’ asshole on your business trip and come home and chat about it while brushing your teeth…doesn’t mean there aren’t fucking boundaries. Yes, there are expectations, even for swingers… Isn’t life fucking grand?

I DID believe that individuals in open relationships can separate love from sex, until I learned of Polyamory (meaning many loves...not LOVERS). Poly’s are a type of open relationship community where individuals are with more than one person not for the act of sex, but to get more out of love and affection. They believe they are a responsible acceptable non-monogamous community. The Poly way of life is to have all your needs met emotionally and intimately, while developing strong life lasting relationships and families.

Yeah that sounds nice but then I’d have to care about them. That is just what I need, to deal with two fucking jerk offs not meeting my needs so why not go find a third? If it were me I would rather get fucked by all three and have them keep their goddamn whiskey traps shut.

Can you fucking imagine being in a relationship with multiple women with their goddamn PMS? Christ!

No thank you!

If you’re a Poly you need a best friend, life coach, and a partner and there’s no recreational sex in that open relationship. Boo!

I would say sign me up for the swinging...

Those old, fat, ugly, sweaty people, standing around in a circle waiting for their turn in a dark basement room that smells like budussy and incense…WRONG!!! Goddamn your asshole is tight!

A lot of swingers are very nice. Very attractive. Very Sexy. And very professional. That’s why at the nice places they make you sign like a thousand non-disclosure forms before you come in.

I love the Swingers.

Swinging is different from Polyamory because this open relationship is purely for the recreation of sex, not for multiple emotional connections. Swingers are a community of people who love to fuck, or as they say, “play”. And they may just have shit right. Not only do they host the greatest parties, but they also have a strict code of rules that this community truly believes in and follows.

One rule that I think rocks is No…ACTUALLY MEANS NO!

For example say a couple comes up and asks you to participate, come over, whatever…You say no. That’s it. They truly respect your wishes. In the swinger setting there’s no Guido wearing Ed Hardy hitting on you at the bar all night long trying to get you to guess the nickname of his penis. That fucking shit doesn’t happen in the world of swinging. And that what makes a swingers club a more preferable destination to most bars! You will have more fun with a group of swingers that respect your wishes and safety than having to worry about letting your cocktail out of your site.

The swinging community can be hosted between small groups, large private parties, or at clubs. No matter what it is, this is very much a community that believes in people having pleasure, respecting boundaries, and most of all being safe! Not to mention they are rolling in the fucking dough! How great would it be if you could prevent cheating, lying, and divorce with a threesome?

You will see very few singles as swingers, as it is mostly a couple activity. This community truly believes that sex and love are two separate things, and that having a loving relationship is a great thing. Swingers care more about being happy…whatever that means for somebody. Which is why they won’t judge you for wanting to be in a committed relationship with one person for the rest of your life. Swingers like to play…and they’re probably happier and more committed to each other than the Jones' ever could be.

Swingers CAN separate sex from love! This task which most friends I know cannot do, where I find it so simple. This may be why guys have to lie to women to get them to fuck them, which maybe one of the reasons why women think most guys are pigs. If you’d just put out to begin with you could avoid that whole problem. Your pussy isn't fucking hat magical!

YOU can separate sex from love. But you probably never will because you’re scared it makes you abnormal or a fucking whore.

Sex is sex…and love is love.

And humans are the only animals truly capable of both. Stop waiting for love before sex. DUMB DUMB DUMB!

I get so fucking sick of people being so pretentious and thinking every kiss, or every fuck is about love. Life isn’t a Danielle Steele novel. Grow the fuck up already! Haven't you been in love? Love is PAIN about 99% of the time, CHRIST!

If you want to be in love to have sex…go for it. Just don’t complain to me how you only get laid once a year. If you are not happy about how much you are getting laid and you have needs, desires, and fantasies…For God’s sake act on them! You were given a taint for a reason.

A lot of people I personally know are so scared to open their minds…and their legs. Nobody wrote the official rules on love and sexytime. Be the author of your own fucking life, if you need an editor once in awhile, that is what I’m here for!

Just always remember you are the owner, creator and director of the film of your life. Do you really want it to be a Disney movie? Or would you rather it turned out more like Boogie Nights… So pick up a pencil, or something a little more girthy, and start writing some excitement into your life…start this weekend. And remember the swingers as your mentors. You don't have to fuck in a group, just try to live your fantasy for once!

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

I wonder who said that...

Got your Irish Whiskey ready bitches?