Thursday, April 1, 2010

You want me to do WHAT? And then PEE on you?

I was sitting at the office chatting with peers about a Hot Carl…and the conversation blossomed.


Not only did we get graphic and giggle about the act of a hot carl, but also we started to google more information and it quickly got me on fire. The deeper I dug the more excited I become reading about these fucked up fetishes.

I guess I can’t help it. For some strange reason I find fetishes very interesting. The simple thought of who these individuals might be, makes me feel like a modern lady Sherlock Holmes. “It’s elementary my dear Watson…and speaking of… put on this school girl uniform and spank me with this eraser while you spoon feed me pudding…”

Yes I am looking at you. Why? Because I’m wondering if you’re one of the people in the office that likes to strangle themselves while masturbating. Or are you my friend that plays the up-tight conservative by day but your nights are filled with ball gags, bondage tape, and gangbangs? Its just exciting to play pretend, I mean...uh…I could only assume.

Look at your boss. Now imagine him/her hanging from the ceiling by hooks in their back with electrodes on nipples, body convulsing as current pulses though and then relaxes. Pulses through, body clenched…and then relaxed…dangling three feet off the ground…from hooks in their skin.

My policy: Don’t judge. You don’t know until you try.

But where I can see some possible enjoyment in the creative bondage arts, like dangling from hooks, there are some fetishes that are just so fucked up you really should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing.

Carled… or Coprophilia. The tasty sex maneuver where somebody takes a shit on their partners face. There’s also a Warm Carl where somebody takes a shit on their partners face while they have plastic wrap suffocating them. And finally a Cold Carl…where one partner lies underneath a glass table while watching the other shit on the table. Now…I am a freaky whore, but that shit (no pun intended) is totally fucking WAK! I don’t even like to shit myself let alone watch somebody else. I can’t even change a dirty diaper! When my nieces were babies…and I had to untape that nasty saggy over sized maxi pad to find surprises that should be kept unseen…YUCK!

Speaking of diapers…there is not only a fetish of grown adults who get off on wearing a diaper…but there is another fetish where people like to act out as a baby. The individuals who wear just the diapers and aren’t into the act of being a baby are called Diaper Lovers or DL. The individuals who like to wear diapers and get off on acting and dressing like an infant are called Adult Babies or AB, or sometimes referred as DL/AB. Creative huh?

These people seriously do the whole bit...”Ma Ma! MaMa! I’m wet.” (Newsflash readers… I am not)

But if you’re looking for a way to score a little extra cash during these lean times… there are people who make a lot of money by customizing adult baby attire and diapers. You can buy grown adult rattles, pacifiers, diapers, onesies, bonnets, and even bottles. You can also buy slim diapers that you can wear to work underneath your professional attire…NO FUCKING JOKE! Don’t you think this will make you look at men in suits a bit differently? And don’t get this fetish wrong… Paraphilic Infantilism is not about eroticizing babies. Its about grown people dressing up as babies, acting like a babies and pissing themselves cuz that is apparently totally fucking HOT!

Equally unsexy is this one straight from the nasty back allies of Tokyo called Omorashi. Which is when somebody loses control of their bladder and it turns into a live porn act for these twisted pole strokers. The biggest and hottest thing is when professional females or schoolgirls get all dressed up and then piss themselves. Shit! These crazy fucks need to hang out with me for just a few hours. I piss myself more than anybody I know! At $200 a pop and all the free booze I can drink I could clear like $2200 a day.

Ever been turned on by your friend’s hair….while holding it as she is barfing over the toilet? You have Emetophilia. This fetish is when somebody vomiting sexually arouses people. If your guy gets off on this he was probably a date-rapist in college. DON’T LET YOUR DRINK OUT OF YOUR SIGHT! Have you seen two girls one cup? Than enough said. I gagged my ass off when I saw that porn…but you know motherfuckers are rubbin one out to that shit on a regular basis. If you have this fetish, you need to call me! I got a gang of bitches that puke and rally like you have never seen before. FUCK…so good…I think we need a goddamn Olympic Team!

I have a friend that takes Ambien, sometimes before she has sex, and blacks out. This chick will come home, have a normal mom jeans type of evening, and the last thing she remembers before waking up nude with her ass sticking to a wet spot on the sheets, is taking that fucking pill! She doesn’t remember anything. Was she awake? Was she sleeping? Hubby says she was awake but maybe he’s covering up a fetish called Somnophilia, or being turned on by people who are passed out or sleeping.

Have you ever woken up to the person from the night before lying next to you just staring completely awake? Yep, you have. Nasty motherfucking people. UGH. I would be pissed to wake up with a facial I didn’t ask for…how annoying!

SICK MOTHER FUCKERS. I can’t judge. I am not a goddamn peach myself. I sat here for days and days digging through the greatest fetishes ever, totally entertained. I honestly can see how some of them can turn from funny, to interesting, to borderline tempting. I may be a sick fuck, but at least I don’t find it sexy to screw dead people…Necrophilia I think is grounds for a goddamn padded room. If you want to have sex like that…just bang a bitch under 21 who can’t parallel park downtown on a Saturday night. I am SURE it is pretty damn close.

What has this fucking world come to? I MEAN REALLY….there’s this one fucked up fetish called Coprolalia, where fucking people get fucking turned on by using fucking profane fucking language! FUCK! Those motherfuckers might be my soul mate.

And you thought the swearing in my blog was all for you…mmmmmmm. Go find your own fetish.



Video Camera………Better luck next time.