Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't underestimate the power of mistletoe...

I can’t fucking stand the holidays. People pretending to be happy in relationships and a marriage just to “get through” the holidays, overbearing mom jeans wearing bell earrings rushing through the grocery stores, and those fucking horrible jewelry commercials that make me want to literally scratch my eyeballs out and have somebody take a shit in my sockets.

The holidays do not make anybody feel warm and fuzzy. Don’t bitches know that those jewelry commercials are directed to men with mistresses? What real man goes and buys something that nice for the woman who bitches all the time and doesn’t suck his cock? Then you have a woman who buys a workbench or some fucking stupid sweater, when all he wanted was the new Gran Turismo to escape her bitch ass.

The holidays are full of disappointment! You are forced to see the family you hate, and end up broke and ten pounds heavier when the first of the year comes around. Who really wants to spend days hearing about why you aren’t married with kids or why you aren’t more successful after all the money your parents spent on college? Who really wants to be forced to be “with” somebody just because they don’t want to be alone during the holidays?

FUCK THAT SHIT. I am having a holiday intervention with you mother fuckers who are guilty as charged.

This holiday season I want you to get fucked up. Fuck as many people at holiday parties you aren’t related to, spend your gift money on drugs, and if you have to spend time with your family…bring a fucking flask!

Here are a few tips to get you into the fucking spirit:

- Instead of spending time and energy on that white elephant gift, share an eight ball with much more white can that be?

- Keep mistletoe on you at all times. Who can resist?

- Drink during the day. Every morning in your coffee put a shot of something to keep you warm on your drive to work…it makes traffic less stressful.

- After a family dinner, take your cousins from out of town to a goddamn strip club and show them what pussy and Portland is really about.

- Don’t bring a date to any party you go to…you never know who you might want shag in the coat closet..

- Go and enjoy every holiday specialty cocktail in town. I highly recommend going to Huber’s and then taking a taxi home…you will need it.

- Give the gift of alcoholism. Everybody likes booze for Christmas.

- When the New Year rolls in…kiss as many people as possible in the room. Attached or not…everybody is allowed a free-for-all kiss when the clock strikes midnight.

Have a fucking safe and drunk holiday season! As a present to me, I would appreciate at least one good porking to end 2010 on a high note…and then don’t take their number when you leave.