Thursday, December 2, 2010

There is nothing more pathetic than an office slut...

Are you the office slut?

Let me clarify.

In the good old days, you could fuck your boss or your secretary, go home and lead a totally separate life. That's the way its meant to be. You could also smoke at your desk and have a bottle of whiskey open all day long. In the good old days bitches didn’t go cry in the bathroom because their hot office fuck didn’t give them the time of day during a meeting, and they sure as fuck didn’t hang around in the mother fuckers cubical all day giggling and twirling their hair like a fucking high school cheerleader.

An office slut is like a public water fountain… Walk up, push the right button and she’ll quench your thirst. But its all wrong. Nobody actually wants to admit they use a public water fountain.

There is nothing sexier than getting fingerbanged in the copy room or getting a blowjob under your desk. Who doesn’t love a good parking up against the vending machine or maybe a quick lip lock in the elevator? If you are really good…like myself, you can get a hot quickie done in 8 floors on the elevator. No panty Thursday is your friend!

Most office sluts are not only obnoxious and pathetic, but they have no idea what people actually think of them. These bitches runs their mouth about their office fuck and use it to gain attention, mind fuck others, and use it as an excuse to roll up in a ball on the floor crying asking “Why me?" did it to yourself you dumb cunt.

Do yourself a favor and SHUT YOUR SLUT MOUTH!

An office gangbang is supposed to be kept private, which is what makes it so goddamn fun! Nobody is trying to get a relationship out of the deal, or worse...get married!

Yes, I know multiple stupid bitches that do seriously date within the office, like its fucking high school or something. One time…you learn, second time…you are stupid, the third time you date a guy from work, you are an office slut. Are you that fucking desperete that you can’t find guys to date outside of work? Just because a guy at work fucks you, doesn’t mean you are meeting his family or moving in with him!

The Ramblin Broad Constitution clearly establishes the separation between Work and Date.

Don’t get me wrong…there are smart women out there in the professional world who can get their job done, fuck a few people in the office, and go home and not think twice about it. Men on the other hand have this built within…there isn’t many men begging an office fuck to meet his friends or let alone move in with him. If there is a guy you know doing this, stop fucking him immediately, he is most likely trying to get fired or get out of his marriage.

An office slut, a.k.a. the train wreck, a hot mess you can’t help watch crash and burn, is such great entertainment and an awesome source of gossip. The most dramatic, ball baby bitches tend to end up an office slut and then fuck up by let their lips flap. And not just the meat curtains…

My advice…fuck whoever you want at work but keep your goddamn trap shut! If you continue to date within the workplace and tell everybody about it, you need to fucking get on a stripper pole and get over your goddamn daddy issues already. If you don't, nobody will ever take you seriously again.

Now keep those office flings hot and your panties wet.

I am going to get back to work. It is after all...No Panty Thursday. What drawer did I put that whiskey in?