Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nuts aren’t a right, they are a privilege.

If I wanted to swap cum with a womanly man, why wouldn’t I just fuck a woman? Women smell nice, have a soft vag and are always great kissers. I love the gay boys; I just have no tolerance for a bitchy man.

If you aren’t trying to fuck her on the first date, you might be a pussy without the hair.

Exfoliate or masturbate? If you have to ask which is more important in the shower, you would qualify for Paris Hiltons My New BFF.

If you work out and spray tan more than you lick box, you might be the next Danny Bonaduce.

What has happened to the nature of a manly man? Have European shoulder bags and too many boy bands changed the newer generation of dudes? The world is expected to evolve for another 1.5 billion years, and at this rate, you won’t know which is a guy or a girl on The Rock of Love. Lord knows fucking Brett Michaels will have found the secret to never ending youth, and STILL be looking for “the one”. The worst of all…Ryan Seacrest will be hosting Galaxy Idol.

A lot of women already have their own male assistant (aka man secretary), and you can’t find a descent guy with facial hair over 6’2”. What most women want is a guy who can put her in her place, spank her ass with some strength, and NOT wear more jewelry than she does.

If you think something you do is a little girly, YES, hide that from us women. Men are supposed to be protectors, stronger than us, and mentally ready to take shit at any given notice. I am have NEVER shot a gun in your life? You don’t know how to throw a punch? What the fuck! I would punch a dude in the fucking forehead just for that shit alone!

These fucking Nancy’s love to go after my ho train. My friends think I am a bully. Well, I guess I am, to weak men. Living in Portland OR is almost as bad as living in fucking So Cal these days. At least in So Cal the guy’s surf and fuck like rabbits! Christ…surfers in OR have to wear a goddamn wetsuit, and are usually packing more of a beer belly than anything else.

I cannot stand a fucking weak dude. I have what I like to call “tuckdar”. That’s right; men who should just stay home and play tuck and hide. I seem to find those mother fuckers wherever I go. Sometimes I worry these guys might actually like my cunty mouth, instead of my blonde hair and big tits. It never ends…the short guy at the bar that tears up every time I make fun of his popped collar. The thirty-year-old metal head that tried to hit me because I made fun of him for still living with his mother and getting an allowance. The slimy fuck in the suit I called out for owning a tanning bed and wearing a v-neck shirt, that’s right…he called me a dyke. I am not a dyke, but I am likely to get more pussy than he does.

A few tips to fucking manning up:

1. Watch the movie Hooper. It might inspire you to grow real man facial hair and drive a muscle car.

2. Own a pair of boots. Strap on some big yummy motorcycle, cowboy, or combat boots. It makes you instantly manlier.

3. Less is more! Women don’t mind men wearing accessories, but just don’t go overboard. Scarves are borderline; you must be good looking or be well put together to wear a scarf for fuck sake!

4. If you don’t like sports…be into something competitive. A lot of women I know LOVE sports, or a little healthy competition. It gets our blood boiling, and I mean the fire down below.

5. Drive a fucking car already! There is nothing more pathetic then a guy who can’t pick you up on a date because he claims he is being “green”! In actuality he is either broke or has had too many fucking DUI’s.

6. Fewer words and more eye contact. Fucking girly dudes always seem to fuck up their mouth and say shit that make us roll our eyes. Think before you speak, and normally speak more with your eyes.

7. Be a dick once in awhile. Put us bitches in our place. I KNOW I have had sex with more men that have told me to shut my mouth than those ball baby guitar players.

8. Be gentlemen. Have manners, and remember what your mother taught you!

9. Always go for the tang. Still be a gentleman, but let us know how much you want to lick our taint and our snatch.

10. Last but not least, if all else fails. Ignore us…that will drive us women CRAZY!

Please take note that the real manly men, are few and far between. Can’t you tell it is a dying breed? Most of them only exist in Coors Banquet commercials and the movie 300. If you can prove to us chicks that you are a real man, she will take a seat between your eyebrows and your chin.

GOD…I am about as manly as they get, I want to go see if I can lick my own taint. If I end up growing a mustache after this, you owe me a bottle of Pendleton fuck stain.