Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get it while the gettin's good...

I think there are too many reasons for people to feel bad about getting laid.

WTF! Wherever we came from...God...Science...God and Science like little Suri. We were given an O-Face for a reason. Not all living things have this ability...and we should take advantage! It doesn't matter if you are straight, gay, or even in need of a safe word...people should enjoy sex. Everybody is different, but having one bad sex partner for too long, is like believing Dave Matthews is a good band.

Growing parents always used to say sow your oats! So many people I know haven't given themselves the opportunity to find out who they really are. I'm not just talking about sex, I am talking about finding out what makes you happy. Some people don't want to be in a committed relationship. That is okay. Some people are happy fucking stranger after stranger and traveling the country spreading their seed. That is okay. Some people think they are going to get fucking married to every person they get along with in the bar...this is NOT okay! SOW YOUR OATS!

It doesn't matter how old or young you are...what matters is your experience and learning what a few key things that you cannot live without and a few key things you will NOT live with. It is NOT okay to be selective when you just accepted a free drink and are sitting on some dudes lap...but it is okay to be selective when trying to find somebody to be in a relationship with.

Look...stop thinking that every fucking person you meet in a bar is the "one". This again causes you to give off your needy vibe and you forget that there could be other prospects sitting right next to you. Stop worrying about meeting the "one"...and start having sex with more than one! TAKE THE EDGE OFF! A lot of people meet somebody they really enjoy when they are enjoying someone else.

I am not asking people to go out and be Lemmy from Motorhead...although he is a legend...but not everybody can sex with over 3000 people and still be alive. I am saying...have a good time being single. Stop obsessing over your last breakup. Stop wondering why the last one didn't call...and be that person. Stop calling...stop obsessing...and STOP fucking being so goddamn nice. I promise when you start thinking about getting laid and having will meet somebody you like along the way. Don't always worry if you will be happy and in a relationship. Be happy with who you are now....and having fun...because life is too short . Get it while the gettin' is good...whatever that means to you.

Someday you will look back and be glad you did.

Now go have a shot of whiskey and pick up a playboy.


Jehanne Bowen said...

I think this goes back to our discussion of:
"PLEASE don't call me in the morning...."